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Full Service Project management :
The project management team (PMT) serves as an internal client to the in-house production. The primary responsibility of the PMT is to ensure timely delivery of the title with quality assurance. They are the front-end communicators for publisher coordination and author management. PMT ensure effective deliverables distribution during the entire life cycle of the project. Schedule management and budget monitoring are vital roles associated with them. Permissions management is an important role played by the PMT. We have expertise to the level of 3 to ensure most complex level of permission management. Publisher-specific guidelines are documented in close coordination and consultation with them.

Editorial Services: Include copyediting, editorial proofreading and indexing. Each department is headed by a manager to ensure timely deliverables with quality to the PMT. 


Experienced copyeditors both in language edits and technical edits, competent in handling any type of book, ranging from medical science to engineering, math’s, business and management, trade and humanities and social sciences. Online edits with track changes and tolls to clean files before editing (pre-editing) developed. Separate insights and processes developed for editing of country originals and adaptations. Experienced panel of freelancers to cater to specific requirements on copyediting. Development in editing being worked on with the team members to ensure qualitative inputs on the manuscripts to both authors and publishers alike. Copyediting is the hall mark of full-service project management and substantial efforts are put in place at ace to ensure all errors are caught at this stage.  

Editorial Proofreading: 

A thorough reading of the text from the copy-editorial perspective to catch any obvious grammatical errors. Sense reading of the content from development editing point of view to ensure qualitative inputs into the project. Styles and technical checks on styles related to content and overall layout. A stage where last and final detailed check of the content is done to ensure all goes right with the project.


Experienced panel of indexers to take care of all varieties of books from medical science to engineering, math’s, business and management, trade and mass markets. Conceptual entries given more emphasis so as to provide qualitative indexes. Updating of page numbers for exiting indexes done with fast turnarounds.

Design and Layout 

Fresh designs being done with greater alacrity as per the suggestions by the publisher and the PMT. Creative inputs also being provided by the in-house art team. Sample pages, design sample, and live sample are differentiated and ensured as a deliverable. Graphics team able to work on and with all platforms to ensure compatibility with wide range of formats available. Art analysis being done for all titles to fix all issues in arts before pagination ensues.


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