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Services :
Experienced and well-versed pagination team to handle all levels of complexity ranging from math to engineering and business to management. Fast turnaround of pages with technically expert hands to ensure quality deliverable. Troubleshooting of technical issues with great acumen and ensuring quality customer service Software: Quark, In Design, Tex, PageMaker, 3B2,Frame Maker: all available at one place and so you can chose the platform you want your files to be worked at! Power Math, math type, equation editor: all available for speedy pagination and proper and ensured setting. Latest MAC and PC systems with all software well-equipped to make sure that the effective time is utilized in pagination. Team capable of handling archives with great ease. PDF workflow for the titles ensures better usability of files and reviews. Annotations help the incorporation of corrections faster. Printer files are done by the most experienced hands in the industry. All preflight and prepress reports are run before the final quality assurance and upload of the files. PDF compare is the tool most frequently used to ensure no introduced error at any stage. 

Template Development:  

With inputs from PMT and the art team, the pagination team is capable of delivering the best of samples for the most of complex jobs. Template creation is done with more creative inputs for design samples where the paginations and QC’s are also involved and work as a cohesive team Competency leads to play a great role in designing the templates and ensuring deliverables per publisher-specific guidelines

XML workflow: 

XML oriented workflow leads to multi-purposing of the files and finally the titles Separate coding team to ensure codes as per the software used in pagination With XML workflow the pagination of the files becomes more efficient and the productivity improves with better quality. The tagged files always ensure the production a better and enhanced output.

Data Conversion and Keyboarding:

Conversion of files from different source files to a required platform, preferably word for further processing OCR and galley proofreading to ensure the quality deliverable. Double key compare a part of the usual process for all jobs PDF conversion to all other formats with best of technology in place. 


The set standards are followed as per the publisher guidelines. In-house archiving standards are developed for customer ease and support. All archiving done for the projects handled and work in progress in an efficient manner. Archives delivered within a day of the completion of the project.